Aerial view from the church around the Wiltshire village of Bromham in Wiltshire, near to the towns of Calne, Melksham, Devizes and Chippenham

Bromham - Twinned with Avoca and Ingrandes sur Loire


To promote further friendships with our twinned towns, encouraging Parishioners of all ages to develop future links with Avoca and Ingrandes sur Loire.



Bromham twinned with Avoca in February 1997. Four twinning visits to and from Avoca have been made, with several return visits by individuals.


Avoca and Bromham connections go further back in history-the famous poet Thomas Moore lived at Sloperton House and is buried in BromhamCemetery.


Avoca more recently remembered for the Ballykissangel TV series, we are hoping that we can renew our twinning connections and are planning to visit in the future.




Bromham twinned with Ingrandes sur Loire officially in May 2003,  Several visits have been made from Bromham, as well as Bromham hosting visitors from Ingrandes. Links have been forged including private friendship visits.  


The Wednesday Club was also made very welcome during their charity bike ride from Barcelona when they passed through Ingrandes.


Ingrandes Sur Loire is in the process of electing their Mayor and finding a new Chairman to replace Gerrard Duwell a founder member of their Twinning Association.




Bromnham Twinning Association Bromham Twinning Association Bromham Twinning Association Bromham Twinning Association Bromham Twinning Association Bromham-Sign-crop Views of Bromham's twin village, Avoca Ingrandes, Bromham's twinned town